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About Us

Kindred was formed in 2014 by a group of like minded women from the Dandenong Ranges who were deeply concerned about the Federal Government’s Asylum Seeker policies.

We have a vision for a kinder and more compassionate Australia where communities are empowered to work together in welcoming Asylum Seekers to our shores.

By forming friendships with people seeking asylum we aim to welcome them with compassion and assist them in accessing support services and integrating into the community. Through sharing our common humanity and celebrating our cultural differences we are building a more compassionate world through simple acts of kindness.

Some of our work has focused on offering friendship to Asylum Seekers in the Broadmeadows detention centre (MITA). As these individuals and families move on, either into community or into offshore detention, we maintain close contact and offer continued support.

Kindred also has a big focus on community engagement, through material aid collections, fundraising events, vigils and more. We have a significant Facebook presence in the Dandeneong Ranges and this support base is extending across Melbourne.

As support for Kindred continues to grow, we are grateful for the incredible generosity, energy and compassion being poured into our organisation by our growing member base.

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